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my nearly destroyed forum

my forum has being attacked by the person i set as a mod . i have since removed him as mod be he has sent me in an email that he is going to destroy my forum on december 27th

i dont know this persons IP address but his name was chelsea_97 on my forum

please can you do all you can to stop him trying to destroy it on december 27th

If you have banned or demodded them then there is nothing to worry about.

he has now took my admin account of my forum and is using it

i dont know how this has happned

you probably gave him your password.  Either that or it is incredibly weak.  It is no easy matter to 'hack' in.  In fact I know of not one instance where this has happened.

i haven't gave him my password though

i know its hard to hack in as he would have had to hack my free forum 1st

Are you saying he is using your personal account?  If so, he has your password, one way or another.  There is no other explanation.
myff admin

Indeed, think about it logically! If this could be done without passwords then no forum would be safe.

Simple guesses...

Has he been around when you've typed the password (or similar ones), or have you typed it on a computer that he uses, or even have you let him use your computer while unsupervised?  If yes to any of those, then it's likely he's stolen your password.  Either he saw you type it, or he may have used a keylogger to steal it.
myff admin

I'd say probably not on a key logger, they are more the tool of sophisticated criminals after paypal passwords etc, they are not the likely province of a lamre moron with nothing better to do than wreck a forum.

But they must have access somehow, if they had admin access at one point they may have set up another account with admin access? But if they are on your account and you can still get in (meaning they have not changed the password) then the only explanation is that they know your password or have guessed it, knowing is much more likely than guessing.

With the massive popularity of Runescape there are quite a few keyloggers out for those players, a lot of them are done by kids, because on cheat sites they share the programs and show how to steal passwords.  So, I still see it as a possibility. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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