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my ip address seems blocked from my forum  is my gpt forum and my ip address is

i can visit my forum if i hide my ip or change it but using my real ip i cant access it or any site i cant even access support forum here i had to hide my real ip address just to contact you and hope you can get it fixed. the ip im posting from is not mine cause it wont let me on anything says with my real ip  please let me know whats wrong and hope you can get it fixed until then i can use alternative ips till fixed.. thank you very much for your time and assistance and i love your forums they are the best. thank you
myff admin

This can happen if the ip address is being used to spam forums.

please fix my forum

ive had this for a long time years can you please fix it i do share it on social sites and try get members but if that hurts it i can stop.

unblock ip address  tyvm   my ip changes ever so often i have no control so whoever had it before may of too not sure but sure hope you can fix it. ty
myff admin

The ip bans expire in time, and it seems are in direct response to you spamming.
You must stop this or be suspended permanently.

ok no problem

ok i wont advertise my forum no more i thought that was good forit to help it grow,but i dont want to lose it so i let it run its own natural way. thanks hope expires soon thanks . Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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