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my google experience.

started my website in april, and am set up with google adwords. I pay 10 per month to have my website advertised and it has really helped to get traffic to it.
I would pay more, but as it is a site purely for myself to indulge in, with no buisness attached, i dont feel i should spend more. I also gave my link to all the major search engines, and now, if you search my website title i come up on page 1 of ranking on google. this has taken some time, but i am getting somewhere with it. Now that i have started the forum for it, i have been able to alter my google ads to direct to the forum, at no extra cost.
I also advertise where i can, searching for parenting sites to swap links with, and i have made my site a profile on myspace to network with.
Im not sure where to go from here, but im sure i will keep having hits even if i dont expand my advertising. Im hoping the new forum will be as popular as my site.
x x lucyx x
myff admin

If you can afford it and target it then adwords can be effective.

But you have to have a natural niche you are advertising on.

When we started: or rather my partner in crime and I both decided to spend money on advertising it.

He spent a mind boggling sum, maybe even a 4 figure sum on "pay per view" advertising via yahoo, I *tried* to spend some money via adwords on "pay per click", but managed to spend almost nothing

Either way the campaign was a dismal failure for both of us. The site was wildly successful, but not via a paid advertising approach.

On the other hand adwords is an effective means of advertising myff. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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