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MY Freeforum

I want to know in the future if it is possible for me to move the information/posts and members profiles / details to a paid site?   I am looking at starting up a new forum as we seem to be having lots of errors with the upgrade and lots of complaints and so considering paying out for a forum to be designed but dont want to have to start from scratch with no posts or members details.  Is there a way this can be done without losing everything.  At the moment its just a consideration but in the future would like to know if its possible?  

Who do I contact as I dont seem to be able to find this information out?  Please help
myff admin

It is possible to pay for an export in the site shop, but if you are having errors support is here to help.

I see you have gone phpbb3 which does not tend to go as well for people.

The errors seem to be as if too many people are trying to get online... we have 86 members but its rare that more than 10 people are on at one time.     I do wish i had not upgraded and stayed at our original forum with freeforums.  I will check out the site shop is exporting an easy process and what will move?  will this be all posts/pictures and members profiles??????  Thanks for your help.
myff admin

We have had a ropey patch just recently with mass spam attempts clogging a firewall on the server your forum is on.

I think that would explain the issues you have been seeing, which are now hopefully resolved.

There has also been an issue with the daily backup not completing early enough and again causing a bit of a load issue around 9am UK time, again that is now sorted.

No where is immune to the odd issue like that, the potential difference is that we are a dedicated forums service with 47 powerful physical servers in our racks, and a massive amount of experience with the particular issues forums create with spam etc.

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