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My Free For All Forum..join us if you'd like

Here is the link to my forum:
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edited for adult content
Questionable content at the least

We are doing pretty well for only about 3 weeks of being up.  We have 135 members and tons of new posts.  But I want to keep it active and keep new people joining. Any tips would be much appreciated!

Note: With a forum like that you may want to be careful about where you post it.  This is adult oriented, though I am not aware of anything against the T&C.  I'm curious about the site though, so I might browse some, can't guarantee I'll post anything though.

Actually, I am seeing some pics posted... up for discussion really, so don't be too surprised if something comes up.  Removing the link here for now.  Take a peek through the T&C here:

Make sure you follow the rules or your site can be closed down.  Agreed to stay if you have permission and do what is asked of you.

Thank you.  I realize it is adult oriented, but it isnt all sex.  We're more of a relationship forum.  I guess to sum it up, would be an advice forum.  A community to post vents, frustrations, questions, problems and find others who are also going through or have experiended the same things.  I dont really want it to be labeled an "adult" site.  hmm...I would enjoy your feedback, if you do decide to look around the site.

Edited my post, you will be informed if any decision is reached.

oh no.  I can remove the picture forums if they are in violation of the  T &C.  We dont want to be closed down.  We love the forum that we've built and the community that it's becoming.

I have only seen a few pictures - and I believe those to be within the T&C, you do have the forums in question unreadable to guests... so overall I don't see much problem, but this is a bit of a gray area, and only the Admin here can give the final word. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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