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My forums been hacked. Read On

Dream on, as if a hacker could hack phpbb 2 then they would be doing this instead as it makes far more money.

Just why would someone with multi brains and skill attack your tiny forum ? When they could be doing this instead.

Police arrest suspected 'spybot' hacker

Police in New Zealand have questioned a teenager alleged to be a key part of a cyber crime network that skimmed millions from bank accounts around the world.

They suspect the 18-year-old was kingpin of a group that infiltrated 1.3 million computers around the world, using "spybot" software to collect bank and credit card details.

The "bright and skilled" teenager apparently cooperated with police and was later released without charge, though police say he remains part of their investigation.

The FBI, who worked with New Zealand and Dutch police to find the hacker estimates that around $20 million (£10m) was embezzled in the global scam.

The teenager, who went by the online pseudonym of Akill, cannot be named for legal reasons. He was arrested in the New Zealandís north island city of Hamilton.

It is suspected that Akillís hacking spree began when he was still at school.

Martin Kleintjes, head of New Zealandís police electronic crime centre, said possible charges against the teen could involve having unauthorized access to computers and possessing computer hacking tools ó charges that carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

He alleged that Akill had written software that evaded normal computer spyware systems, then sold his skills to hackers.

The case is part of an international crackdown this year on hackers who assume control of thousands of computers and amass them into centrally controlled clusters known as botnets.

The hackers can then use the computers to steal credit card information, manipulate stock trades and even crash entire companies' networks.

Authorities allege that the New Zealand suspect and 21-year-old Ryan Goldstein, who was indicted earlier this month in the United States, were involved in crashing a University of Pennsylvania engineering school server Feb. 23, 2006.

Officials said that the server, which typically handles about 450 daily requests for Internet downloads, instead got 70,000 requests from the account of an unsuspecting student over four days.

Over time, the FBI followed an electronic trail from that student's account to Goldstein's screen name, "Digerati," and the New Zealand hacker.

Goldstein has pleaded not guilty and was released on bail while awaiting a trial set for March 10.

He faces up to five years in prison if convicted of the single count of conspiracy to commit computer fraud.

"We feel the charges are inflated," defense lawyer Ronald Levine said Thursday. "We think this is kind of an exaggerated case."

Master Hacker 1: I'm Bored how about we go hack Microsoft or Barclays for a bit of fun, we can make a decent profit too.

Master Hacker 2: I have a better idea, i know a forum that has 13 members and 76 posts, that would be a great target to hack.

Master Hacker 1: Yeh what was I thinking, just imagine all the money we could make hacking into a totally undevelloped forum.

(nice point made btw symon)
myff admin

The lamers who do deface web sites and forums will do it just for the supposed kudos it gives them. The chances are though that if a site does get defaced in this manner it is not by an actual "hacker". Broadly speaking a hacker is someone with misguided intelligence that enjoys the challenge of finding an exploit.

When they find an exploit they will deface a few sites and boast about it, that is where the trouble really starts, as the actual hacker passes the technique to wannabe hackers, known as "script kiddies", they take the hacking script and begin a plague of vandalism, but there is little or no cleverness on their part, they are just running what the actual hacker has developed.

Historically phpbb2 has had several exploits that could be used to "hack" a site. Exploits that were really quite easy to find as phpbb2 source code is readily available.

At myff we have alway applied security updates to phpbb2 as they became available, as such we have never been hacked, it is sites that don't apply the updates that are vulnerable. Since we launched though I think there has only been one really serious security flaw fixed in phpbb2, but loads of preemptive fixes where the programmers have pro actively reinforced security.

We have also added a few of our own twists, and since our source is closed, those features are even less liable to exploitation.

But people have a load of misconceptions about hacking They seem to see it as an intellectual battle between programmers and hackers and if the hacker is cleverer than the programmer, then sooner or later the hacker will break into a system.

There is a small element of truth in this, as complex systems may have complex vulnerabilities that might be exploited by a hacker who sees something the programmer did not.

But the reality is somewhat different. The systems involved are not infinitely complex, and the hacker only has a finite number of possible approaches. e.g. it is entirely possible to create systems that are watertight.

In the case of phpbb2, I am unaware of a vanilla up to date phpbb2 forum being really hacked in the last two years.

I do remember reading an article about a guy who gained access to Americas biggest whether center and changed all the images on their site to topless women, thought that was pretty funny, police caught the guy and his reason was they gave him a false whether report (it rained when it shouldn't have )

Nick(NR) wrote:
I do remember reading an article about a guy who gained access to Americas biggest whether center and changed all the images on their site to topless women, thought that was pretty funny, police caught the guy and his reason was they gave him a false whether report (it rained when it shouldn't have )

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