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My forum post got deleted ??

I posted my forum sites here yesterday and come here today to see my post deleted ...  

Why ??

Here are the rules about posting your site here and my forum folw those rules

Firstly forums posted here must be myff forums. If you are running a myff forum on your own domain, please post both links, so that we know the forum is on the system.

Secondly do not post "free domain" links like ".tk". Such domains expose people to offensive advertising.

Last but not least, don't waste peoples time. A forum needs to have some sensible amount of content that might attract people to join before being posted. No one joins an empty forum and why should they?

So is it possible to tell me why it got deleted ??

and now I see I have been put on moderation ??

What I have done wrong ??

Please tell me !!

Realy dont understand  

It might not have been me, there were quite a few spam things I deleted yesterday, but was your post more a post advertising the poker system than the forum?

I seem to remember deleting a poker advert post that just spammed a poker system, perhaps that was it?  If not, it might not have been me.

my site is a poker site but I was just detailing whats on my site  

Toolbar poker forum music  games etc..

Dont think I was spaming.

I posted pictures with it. I dont know if it was wrong, cuz I didnt see any rules against it.

Cuz my forum and my domain comes from you guys.
myff admin

Sorry about the deletion.

As an own domain site that is heavily customised your post looked very very much like spam to me as well.

I did look far enough to spot is wasn't, but we basically don't waste time on spam, it goes....

I'd recommend you always post the myff link as well as the own domain link, that way your posts will not look like spam.

Ok, sorry about that I wanted it to look sharp lol

I will do another post for my site !!

You can delete or move this topic cuz I think it does belong in this forum lol

Thanks for the fast answers  

I hope im not on moderation anymore lol

Right ok, apologies if I was in error.  In the last few days I have deleted some quite complicated spam posts that are designed to look like tutorials or the like.  Yours looked like another of the ilk. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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