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My forum is locked

Its says its locked also its not letting people post i cant even post anything as admin

We can't help if you don't give the correct name.  please provide the full URL, is not right.


it says locked for me but for other people that are on the forum they say it doesnt say it for them

Help me please

You don't need to post so much, we do this work as a service, not because we are paid to.

It loads fine for me.  Can you give a screenshot of what it looks like for you?

sorry just sucks not being able to do stuff and other people can

Your images aren't loading correctly, that's all I can see.

That thin bar down the left side is supposed to have images showing whether the forum has new posts, no new posts, or is locked.

The text at the bottom is just identifying which button does what.  It should look like this:

New posts No new posts Forum is locked

thats what im talking about the bottom says locked other people that look on it say they dont see that and if thats not the problem well im the admin and i cant post on the forum at all or edit posts how is that?

Just to be clear, the top one is what you are complaining about, right?

The bottom one is what it should look like.  The text is only there to show what each image means.

What happens when you go into a forum such as "Comments and Concerns" and click "new topic"?

It just shows the text no buttons... and for the question i can post in any forum the is no new topic icon for me but members do have one

Considering you have no images from the forum loading.. check to see why.

Make sure you have your site listed as an allowed site, and that you aren't using an add-on that is blocking.

This isn't a forum problem, this is a problem with your computer not loading the images from that site.
myff admin

You could reset the template in the control panel.;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

possibly you have messed up the template for yourself as admin. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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