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Just Jen

My advice/tips

I was asked to write something up on how we're such a successful community and am just now getting to it.

First, our stats:

We opened on October 15th, we currently have 1,456 members, with 413,530 topics.

We grew pretty fast, but have been relatively bump free.

Our main philosophy is minimal moderation. We have very few rules, very few reasons a person can be banned (currently, those reasons are: making fun of a child, pretending to be someone you're not, sharing info from a private area - temp ban and removal from all private areas).

If members argue, they are permitted to try to work it out themselves - we are very hands off in that instance.

Admin is always available! This is key, and one of the reasons are members are so happy - we answer questions, get member input before changing anything, and actually participate in the community.

We are a parenting community, but there is so much more to us than parenting topics!

I have three Admin total, including myself - one is my sister and another is a good friend I've known for years. We have two mods per board, and pretty much give everyone a hand at it.

Most of our members migrated from another site, where there was unrest. I can't take credit for our numbers really. It was through word of mouth, but I will take credit for them staying! I can't imagine how much we'll grow after we actually start trying to advertise!

We don't currently have any word censors. Most people respect us, and use proper language. Those that don't, are swiftly called out and 98% of the time apologize and we all move on, lesson learned. I fully realize that some can/do abuse this, but it never lasts. I also realize that this openness isn't for everyone. Some people like moderation - luckily our 1400+ members don't! We've even moved URL's THREE times, and everyone happily followed us.

We started out small, with around 10 forums, and have grown from there. All our forums are member driven, we have a board that members can poll to get new boards, it works really well. We have everything from parenting boards, to debate and discussion boards, as well as private areas for members only.

We also have a home page, with member written articles, recipes, etc.

I just don't believe in heavy moderating. I believe in letting people be who they are, say what they are thinking. I think with the nature of our site, it works well. We are all moms and dads after all

I actually asked our members to share with me why they stayed, this summed up all the responses:

The open vibe, friendliness of my peers, the mutual respect from admin I feel we are "heard* as opposed to *ignored*. The Mamas rocks!

So, I think that's it! I'm happy to answer any questions. I'm afraid this is coming across as a pat myself on the back post, but honestly Bravo asked!

If you're a parent, or planning to become a parent, or just want to meet some really cool people, we're always looking for new members!
myff admin

I always wonder about those who are happy in their light modding policies, how things will go when they hit real problem people?

A few forums have had their attitudes a little adjusted when the trolls hit the fan.

All the same useful advice for people
Just Jen

Well in the case of trolls, they are breaking one of the few rules we have and they are banned immediately. We've had a few do this, and it's not been a problem (yet!!) Forum Index -> Running your community
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