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MSN Bots

Just a quick question about msn bots.

In the last few months I had 2 to 6 msn bots at all time on my forum, and since the last 3 days I have no msn bots crawling the site at all.

So is it a bad sign or its just me goin nuts on so small matter ?? lol
myff admin

I will keep an eye, maybe the bots have changed a bit and are not being spotted.

So you know one msn bot was spotted yesterday for a little 5 mins.

Maybe they just dont need to crawl my forum as much as they use to. I dont realy know how those bots work. Had a yahoo bot once or twice but thats all while msn bots were on my site 24/7 for about 4 months, and many of them at a time.

They may have just be indexing your whole site.  While they could go a LOT faster than 4 months, I think they have a reasonable limit on how often they load a new page, so at 1 every minute it could take a nice long time.

Thanks zud this help me understand how it works !! Forum Index -> Search Engines
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