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Moving forum to paid host

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I'm considering moving my forum  to my own hosted server and would like to clarify a couple of points.

1.I see for a nominal charge you provide a forum dump consists of the SQL database dump, but does this include the forums attachement data? (pictures & other files user will have attached to posts) or will I need to make an additional request for this data?

I would like the attachments otherwise the forum will have lots of posts with corrupt attachement links. if you do not provide this in the standard charge will this be an additional charge on top of the 60.00+vat option you have in your shop and If so how would I go about requesting this?

2. If & when I did go ahead I plan to use the Mybb forum instead of the PHPbb3 forum I use with yourselves. Mybb has a migrate tool specifically for PHPbb3. Do you provide support at a cost of course, to assist in the migration should it be required ( I read mention of this was a thought one of the staff had), or do you offer a package such as " We do the migration for you"

I guess the simplest is to install phpbb3 on my host, get the forum working with the SQL dump you provide and hopefully attachment data then run the migrate locally between the two databases to get it ported over to Mybb.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Warm Regards
myff admin

The pphbb3 dump should include the attachment data, though I'm going to say best efforts basis there, as that is not tested for vast numbers of attachments.

We offer the type of free support found on the support forum for the process of an export. Very rarely we have had to step in on a paid help basis, but I don't like that option, as as a general point that means you won't be able to cope very well where you are going, if things go wrong in the future.

I think the posts on the subject do show us as trying to be reasonable though. We don't want people leaving, but if they are leaving I want them to be happy with the service they have received. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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