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myff admin

Most powerful server yet on order

Today I ordered another big new server. This is less than a month after ordering the last one  

The new one uses the latest 6 core X5650 processors, there are two of these in a server and each core is kind of two cores, so we are talking a 24 core server here. It is also clocked faster than the previous servers  

This means we will have unless I'm miscounting, 88 cpu cores and 232gb of Ram on the servers.
myff admin

The new server is now reported as "shipped".

So maybe just maybe it will be installed by Friday.

It really will be an incredible amount of server power at our disposal
myff admin

Wednesday is the estimated delivery date
myff admin

Delivered, but with RAID5 and not RAID10, and no embedded XenServer. All surmountable issues, but pretty annoying all the same.

It has in fact all been dealt with, and the server will get to the datacenter tomorrow or Friday.
myff admin

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