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myff admin

More on the catalog portal

I have just realised that the permission system could be clearer:

Does not convey who can approve items at all well

We also need an admin screen for those with admin rights. Again this is muddy water, people assigned admin rights get to see the top bit here:

and there is a need for two layers of privilege on a catalog. But a catalog admin is not and does not need to be a forum admin which leads to the sort of ambiguous terminology I detest, or the spurious invention of new terms which is just as bad really.

Anyhow the main thing remaining here is an actual "catalog mod/admin" screen where mods/admins can see all unapproved entries, as well as blacklists and whitelists.

blacklists and whitelists are great here for allowing ease of use. If a user is trusted to catalog stuff, whitelist them and all their entires will become approved and be automatically approved in the future, blacklist them and they cannot even create entries. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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