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myff admin

More forum servers

With the wonders of virtualisation we are now running four forum servers, despite only having three of our five big servers installed, when all the servers are installed it is tempting to up the number of forum server drastically.

The idea is to obtain effective scaling with mysql, a quick guestimate suggests that of the order of 120,000 database tables are fairly constantly being churned though the system, and our experience of mysql suggests that once you start caching more than 10,000 tables you are in trouble

As such we would need to be running 12 forum servers to get approximately on target.

Of course 12 forum servers poses its own issues

So this means all the servers are overloaded?
myff admin

Not at all, they are all under loaded.

I guess an analogy might be a drag racing trying to race round a circle and not down a straight.

You can't say it is underpowered but neither will it be able to utilise its power very effectively.

We can be using mysql quite inefficiently because we can't properly utilise table caching, but that bears no relation to load.

If the servers the forums were on were 10x faster, the same problem of inefficient mysql utilisation would still be there. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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