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My forum has been suspended, probably due to spam, though I spend a lot of time daily attempting to clean it up and thought I was doing a good job. I would appreciate help unsuspending my forum and learning how to keep it unsuspended.

Do to the fact the spam filter was not keeping out spam, I made it so that all new users had to be activated by me. Each day I get around 100 activation requests. I go through them, see if any are real, and then go to "Inactive Users" and delete the ones that aren't. From my perspective, this kept the site clean.

I have 81 legitimate members, and next to zero inactive members. There are no spam posts as I don't allow spammers to post. Please help me learn a better way of doing this.

myff admin

I have unsuspeneded, sorry for jumping the gun.

Wow, that was fast :-) . Thanks so much. I am the site admin and would love to keep it spotless. Is there a better way to keep the spammers out? Is my process of deleting the inactive users generally sufficient?

Again, thanks so much for the speedy assistance.

You could check which countries prespective spammers come from, and if you can think of no valid reason why people from that country would legitimately want to join, ban that country. Most spammers are from China, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. Obviously it depends what country your forum is based in, who to choose. If you are in the UK, I would be inclined to check that the first three countries are banned for starters and see if things improve. If you are PHPbb2 then its under section 4 users -ban control.  Look to see if there are any country codes listed in the  "Un-ban one or more IP addresses/Countries" list. If its empty then nobody is banned.  Fill in the codes for the countries you wish to ban in the above section "Ban one or more IP addresses or hostnames". For Example CN,UA,RU   submit that and they should appear in the unban list , in case you change your mind. To unban them, click on the code, highlight it , then submit.

If you later look at your section 7 "logs actions" page you should see entries under "Banbycountry" which are blocked attempts to register, proving it worked. This could significantly reduce your workload. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip. The forum is technically international, but it is probably low cost/high benefit to ban the countries you mention. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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