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mods please

Hi there, i've found two seperate email adresses that have bounced back, is there a way of contacting the staff of this site?  I wish to send an email of a sensative nature for your review.

Many thanks in advance!
myff admin

In our experience very little needs email attention.

if need be admin[at] is the contact point.

Many thanks, email sent.
myff admin

It is utterly pointless taking a claim of copyright infringement to email.

There are two ways such a claim can progress.

You can post in our terms & conditions folder in which case the forum owner can respond to the complaint.

or you can give us a proper DMCA take down notice, which means you will be making a clear legal statement that you are the copyright holder.

Anything else is asking for us to act on total hearsay. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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