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Modern Warfare2 Forums

Hello I'm here to share our forum with you.

Some forum features:
- Modern warfare 2 hacks
- mw2 trainers
-mw2 mods
- mw2 textures

-Cod4 section
- textures
- hacks

we have a 40+ Community so far
Good admins and mods
Great community

This forum is for people who play modern warfare 2 on the computer

Also there's Black Ops Hacks

So please join our community TODAY!!!

A link to your forum might help

I would say you need to move away from the default theme, and post a bit more around your forums. Good luck with it!

Please remove any of the game hacks you have listed on your forum otherwise we will have no option, but to suspend it.


Part of the terms and conditions you chose to agree, when you created your forum contains:
Run a site where the aim is not to improve everyone's enjoyment of the game, but to cheat and thus ruin the game for legitimate players. e.g. an add on that provides a short cut key to get to a weapon would almost certainly be okay, a "speed hack" is simply lame cheating and is not okay.

Unfortunately modded lobbies, that include game modes like gungame are included under this, due to the modded lobbies having the ability to boost a player to the top rank for their prestige level, while also unlocking all guns and in some cases, gun attachment and ruins the point of playing to unlock these things. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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