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Modactions: sending an email to user set to inactive


Templates: cms_modactions.tpl

Keywords: inactive

When a user is set to inactive in the modactions portal, is it possible that an automatic email is sent to that member instead of a PM, because if they are inactive/banned then they can't read the PM anyway.

myff admin

You can't.

But as I see it, the "set inactive" action is for quick convenient action against spammers who don't need or deserver an email.

If you are banning someone "real" then you actions would be via other paths.

That's a good point.

Initially my thought was that making a user inactive would send them an email saying they were suspended, but taking your point, i don't want the email to go to spammers as it would only let them know to come back to the forum to register again and thus spam again. I think you're right, it's best that 'real' users are sent an email as the admins choose so as not to 'advertise' ourselves to spammers. Forum Index -> Portal components
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