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Modactions: releasing blocked links


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Keywords: release, releasing, moderation, modactions, block, blocked, links

In the Moderation portal, if i have the Moderate new members set to 'Yes' it will block the whole post which the admins/mods can then release, whereas if Moderate new members is set to 'No' then only the links are blocked until the member reaches the Link posting Threshold.

Is it possible to show new member's posts with the links blocked, yet the admins/mods can be able to release the links before the new member reaches the Link posting Threshold?

Either through a 'release link' in the post that is visible to admins/mods only (like the 'release post' link) or through the handy Modactions portal popup.

This way new members would be less annoyed with their whole post being blocked, yet still deter human spammers as they rely on the links being visible. I suppose it's about trying to find the balance.

No problem if it can't be done, just wondering if anyone has found a combination of the moderation and modactions portals that creates this feature.

myff admin

Sorry it can't be done.

No problem, i was just wondering.

Thanks for the quick reply  Forum Index -> Portal components
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