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Modactions not working for moderator-level mods


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Ok, having a problem with MODACTIONS

My moderators are saying they can see the following screen when they click 'Moderate This User.'

However, when they select/deselect one of the options and click 'Submit' it just takes them back to the above
screen without making the change.

I am, obviously, an Admin-level user and it works for me, but not the Moderator-level mods. We are all in a
group called 'The Mods' and I set up the MODACTIONS as shown below. Am I missing something obvious??

James H
myff admin

Have you tried it with "Trigger member: mods and admins" rather than relying on the group?

I am one of the moderators from the above forum. I have now discovered the issue is browser related, specifically, Google Chrome. The actions work in other browsers but not Chrome.
myff admin

Thanks, that saves some planned work there are javascript issues with browsers and it would be useful to try and see if there is any debug to close in on the particular issue. I will try and test myself when time allows. Forum Index -> Portal components
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