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MODACTIONS alowed to certain mods ?


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Ok, Hi !!
Heres whats my problem!

I just created the MODACTIONS in my forum but I dont want all my mods to be abble to moderate all sections of the forum, but if I put MODACTIONS on for mods, any mods can ban any members in any forum inside my forum.

Is it possible to put MODACTIONS just on certain mods ??

And another thing please..
In this portal you can put the MODACTIONS off for certain forums, "trigger", it ask you the forum list...I tried to put the actual name of the forum I want to switch off but it doesnt work. Could you please tell me how am I supose to write th actual name of the forums ??

Thank you !  Wink

P.S.: Sorry if sometimes I dont explain things like they should but im french I understand everything(almost) but when it comes to explain it im not that good!  
myff admin

The forum list needs the numeric forum id and not the name.

Things cannot be set for only certain MODs, you either trust your mods or you don't. It may seem better to have more complex options but with more complex options it gets difficult to know just who can do what!

We have found guests/members/admins/mods plus the odd group to be about the sane limit of what people can deal with without confusion! and I include myself in "people".

Thanks a lot for your fast answer !!!

Ok I understand I will work it out in another way for the guys I made mod in their own parts of the forum.

As for the forum numeric id of the forum you mean like on this forum...

I put 19 and separate numbers with comas (19,3,6) ??


yes, comma separated number list just like that. Forum Index -> Portal components
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