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Mini Me Forum

hey all
I have been researching forums on the internet for dieting and weightloss and have yet to find one that is easy to use, and simple but effective, so i took it upon myself to create my own. It is still really early days but i would love members who are in the same boat as me, and who are looking for support, to help create a new haven and somewhere they can feel helped and relaxed. Would love tips, advice and just general hello's

Please join and help spread the word.

Thanks Sarah

Very nicely put together!  Still the basic subsilver style, but can't complain about that.

The forums are nicely categorized and each looks very helpful.  You seem to cover everything needed.

I'm not in the same boat as you, so I won't be joining, but I wish you the best of luck!
Ask Mr. Religion

Good idea for a forum!


Sazzle you beat me to it  

We have changed the colour now too  

Nice style, but personally I think it is a bit too bright.

Thankyou, is there anyway to make that colour darker or is it a case of changing it completely?

I see what your saying, dont want to hurt active users eyes

The brightness depends on the users, personally i prefer things slightly darker.

But as for that template, some of it I'm sure is in the css but a lot of it are images you'd have to edit.  I'd say find a theme you like and go with that, edit some if you need, but unless you want to put major time in, don't go into major edits.

Well alot has happened since we first posted on 6th July

Changed the style, logo and have 72 members although about 15 havent posted anything at all  

Are we lacking anything else?

Thankyou. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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