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message/post reply alerter

message alert, post alert, message pop up

I was wondering if there was a function or portal that would alert you of new messages and replies to posts you have made, in either a pop up form, or like a line of text that would be in your welcome portal that would say 0 or vanish if there were no new anything. i know about the typical function that emails you, but i would like one on the forum.

edit: OR even a portal that would display both of those and vanish if there were none
myff admin

interesting idea, but not currently possible,

dang. because i realized while i was on facebook that the first thing people look for is the alerts. the "inbox: 1" or "you have a new wall-to-wall" and stuff like that, where they dont have to search for replys or go to email first. i think it would make forums more communicative on a community basis, more "friend to friend" if you know what im getting at. thanks anyway

what would it take to have one made? im trying to think of how to do it, but i cant figure out of how to "harness" the info the posting and message action would put out.
myff admin

It would need to be written by us, it is not something you can do.

i figured as much. thanks anyway
myff admin

It does occur to me that most experienced forumers use the latest posts page as their forum home page.

This gives practically the functionality you ask about, email notifications of replies and of new topics on subscribed forums gives similar functionality.

So why burden the servers with duplicated effort.

do you mean the "view posts since last visit", or am i missing something? if that is what you mean, then i do see your point, but just as many dont use it. and if there are alot of posters, yours might be way down in the list.

whats the tpl's for the "view posts since last visit", "view your post" and "view all unanswered posts"? cause i cant seem to locate them, or isnt there one?
myff admin

They are all in the search templates.

If people don't use the feature, then surely they should be encouraged to, as it is the easiest way to use a forum.

Cluttering up every page with more load adding features that will slow the forums display is not the right way forward.

oh i completely agree, but you have to think of the noobs lol. so i might add a fancy notice about that then instead. thank you very much for all your patience Forum Index -> Portal components
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