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Message got via facebook

Michael G Spivey
19/01/2016 21:43
Michael G Spivey


I noticed that you are a mod on  I registered on the Myfunforum forum site for help but can not get my logon "michel_lebeau" active. I definitely need some help because my forum "stalag13", a hogans heroes fan site, has vanished, it was working two day ago and now it is not.  Two of our members have emailed me asking where it is as well, I expect more will ask.  I did inherit the board from the previous owner who passed away and have been running it for the last three years without nary an issue. My email address is Email removed for protection
can you help me?

Mike Spivey
Las Vegas NM
myff admin

is alive, there is no domain which may be the issue.

Thank you for getting up and in operation again following the two day hiatus where it appeared to be missing. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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