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Members Needed, HP-style RPG

I've had some other suggestions in the past about how to make my forum better, and it was always "go through it yourself and see what you think needs to be added." Well, now I've done it time and again, adding new things all of the time, and I think my forum's as good as I can get it. I need fresh eyes to look over it. The only problem is, I need more members to run the RPG efficiently and to its full extent.

So, my problem is, I need more members. Not ones who will just look over the site briefly and giving comments, because they aren't receiving any of the experience, but some who are willing to work with this thing through its baby stages and beyond, people who will stick with it and try and make it better.

So my question is: how do I get members like that? Any suggestions at all?
myff admin

What are you doing to promote the forum? Here is not a good place to promote a forum, it has :

1) Members more interested in running their own forums.
2) No concentration of people interested in RPGs.

And that is what I'm asking suggestions for. I've gone to other HP RPGs and advertised there, but no one gets on enough there to see the ad. I need ideas to bring people in.

try and get yourself an affiliation with a massively popular hp site

Or you could do what i done,

You can create a page for your forum over at H2G2 like i done:

I actually got quite a few members from that
And it was top of Google when i searced "TV ManiaX"  =]

And affiliating with popular forums should get some advertisement

And you could do what i did and join about 50 random sites advertising it everywhere.... i must've got banned from them all but i know i got 3 of my most active members from doing that too VG Sheets... although i got banned 4 times from there, and still have another acount, lol =]

Though, i don't advise the bottom option Wink

thanks for all of the great advice. i'll be sure to try it all. Forum Index -> Running your community
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