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Members logged in and being logged out!

(Forum name in my signature)

Good evening

My members have reported the following:

1. "Is anyone else having an issue where they are being logged out or have to log in every visit, despite clicking the 'keep me logged in' button? I always go straight to 'view new posts' but new posts never show up when I have to log in, only started to happen recently. It's fine using Android (so far), only happens at work and at home (more frequent at work), I'm using Google Chrome".

2. "my laptop keeps me logged on, but I have to keep re-logging on via my phone".

3. "I don't stay logged in on my laptop".

4. "I keep being logged out on my laptop too, also using google chrome. Not so much on my phone, though it happens occasionally".

5. "I seem to keep losing connection now which I never used to do (from my ipad), very annoying mid post !"

Is anyone else having this problem? Could it be forum related?

Await your advice.

Many thanks
myff admin

This type of thing is not uncommon, systems were not massively designed around the fact that these days people flip rapidly between many devices as the same user.

If you look at the update history of phpbb2 as well, you see them trying to deal with bugs in the session handling was rife, and that was before the additional complexity of many devices hit the scene.

So the reality is one of an awful and out of its time session handling system in the heart of things, and that's the problem really session handling is the heart, and was done in my opinion badly, so the choice has always been live with a bit of a dicky heart or pioneer a heart transplant   frankly a real heart transplant is an easier proposition, the human heart is a mildly complex pump. Phpbb2 session handling is a dogs dinner because it gets its mitts into tonnes more than the simple issue of whether you are logged in or out

It is notable that the template handling system in our version of phpbb2 has been ripped out and replaced with basically the phpbb3 template system. e.g. we haven't shied away from radical actions... I'm reminded of a Game of Thrones line, "when Ser Barriston the Bold says 'run away'" it's worth taking seriously  

Thanks for taking the time to explain it. Much appreciated.

I have cut and paste the answer onto our forum and whilst they may not all understand the reply, with luck they will at least stop asking about it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Many thanks Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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