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Members having issues posting to the forum

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A few of my forum members are having trouble posting on the forums on the site, there seems to be no patterns to it.

Their profiles are as they should be, I have no blocked IPs or domain names. They each have a different ISP.

I've tried resetting passwords, everything I can think of....... any advice would be very welcome

myff admin

What happens when they try and post?

It does nothing, they can get into the post box but nothing will post. It's completely random.. at a loss with this one

Can you get them to try in a different browser and if it lets them submit, lets us know which browser is the one that isn't submitting the form for each member that is having the issue.

thanks, I'll do that

Just managed to post a reply to the problem thread using firefox with no problems Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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