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Member has been hacked

One of my moderators on my forum has been hacked and he has deleted all these threads in the forum that the moderator was in charge of.

The mod has requested I ask you to trace the ip as he does not want people to think he did it.

the ip is could you possibly tell me if it was one of my current members that did it aswell please.

I have searched to see if any have used it but it came up as no matches.

He hasn't been hacked. No chance whatsoever. You may think that because it's the easy way out, but more than likely, the person has given them their password.

Any chance someone may have just guessed his PW? maybe then they did it, can you trace that ip?

Trace it for what reason? Where is the offense here, apart from a gullible moderator who gave their password out?

Ask the mod who they gave their password to, they will tell you who did it.
myff admin

All we have is:

which places the Ip in Manchester.

But as Viper says it ain't hacking, it is either him or someone on his PC or he has used such a crap password someone has guessed it. Or he has told someone the password.

He did not give it out someone guessed it, I want to know because I have to take action on whoever it was.
myff admin

Well you can go through posts, and use the top right IP icon to see the IP address of each post.
Stoneys Roc

maybe he did do it and gave you a fake IP
note if he gave out his password -.-; you should consider demoting him. also he was not hacked, if his password was guessed the correct term is 'cracked'. Check the IP in the log actions and see if he has posted from there before, theres nothing you can do, at least try to verify it was not him and not take his word for it. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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