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Managing Ranks

Managing ranks isn't something I do very often, so I can live with it, but it's very frustrating:

When choosing a rank image you can't paste in the filename as you can in phpBB2, you can only select from a drop-down list. There are a huge number of rank images, so it's a very long list, and it's very very hard to find what you're looking for. The filenames are in alphanumeric order within their folders, but the folders themselves are in a totally random order.

So, would it be at all possible to either : allow the filename to be typed/pasted in
or : to show the rank folders in alphanumeric sequence in the drop-down list?

As I said, I can live with it as it is, but it could be so much easier!!
myff admin

The phpbb2 system was poor, but we improved it.

I am still pretty reluctant to start taking phpbb3 into our own hands and fixing its faults as it is still under development and I don't want us branching off.

It's frustrating all round really, you may have seen Tapatalk is now working for phpbb3 forum which is a pretty decent upgrade reason, but then to counterbalance that you have all the issues like ranks admin which are still not done well.

Yes, I wasn't really expecting you to do anything, but it might have been something really simple  Wink

I haven't looked at the tapatalk stuff. I can access the forum on my phone just the same as on the pc which I prefer to mobile browsing anyway. Quite a few of my members use their phones to access the forum and nobody's complained, so if it ain't broke..... Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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