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Making A Portal Search Only Specific Forums


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I want to create a portal component that will only search a specific forum.

There is a line on the component forum that reads:
"If set this is a comma separated list of forums this portal will look at."

I don't know what to enter into this field. I tried entering the decimal number of the specific forum and also the actual link to the forum. Neither method works. What do I enter to force the component to only look at the specific forums I have in mind?

What you need to do is look at your index page and hover your mouse over say Portal components, the link is:

27 is the number for the forum that you'd enter for the search to focus on.

so, you need to get to your admin panel and 3. Styles >>>> Portal Settings

find "sticky" and give it a new name and go back to 3. Styles >>>> Portal Settings and find the portal under the name you gave it, then tweak the settings to:

Link to FORUM
Portal Forums 2 which ever number you want to focus on
Search Type 0


look at the first ten normal posts in both the forum and the portal
Ask Mr. Religion

Thanks! My error was not setting the Filter option to "Portal". Forum Index -> Portal components
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