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Mail Scam

I actually got a variant of the 'someone with your family name died and has left $24 million and you're the only person we can trace' scam today.

Nothing unusual about that eh?

Well this came in a letter, with a first class stamp on it (postmarked London).  Incredibly bad English and this banker who supposedly looks after accounts with $24 million in them has no address but has managed to get himself a hotmail account.

The police will be getting the letter handed in to them.



It makes you think though, if they can lay out for stamps then they must be getting takers for the scam to make it pay.  Amazing that people would actually fall for this.
myff admin

What comes around goes around I guess, such scams were not uncommon and presumably paid out before the advent of the net, maybe the net is no longer as lucrative and the old ways are being retried.

There is apparently a rather popular scam about some very rich person in the US (Died 50+ years ago, can't remember the name) that they are still looking for relatives of.  There's a bunch of people that send letters out to people of the same last name, and some send letters to unrelated people, claiming they are to get the inheritance but first must help pay some legal fees to get the case settled.

Of course they got tons of money sent in, but one guy that got arrested for it ended up having, without his request, people he scammed sending him money for his own legal defense!  If you think it's bad people fall for the scams, what about the people that pay for the scammer's defense?


used to work at a place and a guy there was absolutely doolally.  He'd jump out at you and shout 'bleurgh'  In his 40's lived alone with his mother type person, wild staring eyes.

One day he just stopped what he was doing and stared at me and said 'never underestimate the stupidity of the public at large'. Then carried on working again.

Maybe he was right after all  Forum Index -> Off Topic
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