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Lost user name and password

I've lost control of my support forum (which is also suspended) http://skulltronix.myfreeforum.
The email account on the recover password must be an old one I no longer have access to.
Please help!  Thx
If you can set the admin to skullboy with the same email I registered for skullboy I can then do a reset myself. Thx again...
myff admin

We do need some evidence of ownership.

Can you send what the email/password may have been to admin[at]myfreeforum,org?

skulltronix access

I've used 3 main email accounts over the past few years:,,
Passwords I've used: eeeeee. eeeeeeee, spanky. 4spanky, 4Spanky, sk4spanky, sk4Spanky

User names: Skulltronix, skulltronix, jjewell, scaryjerry

Thx. Hope you can help. You can also check whois for
myff admin

I have set the email to so you can use :;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

and lost password recovery.


Hi, Thanks for the password reset. But... forum is still suspended.
myff admin

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