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lost password. Site 'down'


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Hello, I had 'closed' my site for some extensive re-vamping, and was logging in to the Admin side of it and keeping it off line.

In the midst of all this my hard drive crashed.... had my passwords saved on it.... Thought I would still be ok, as I have the lost password email generator on my site.
Apparantly that does not work with the site off line.

I hate to ask, but can you re set the password and send the temp to my e-mail.
My email is valid and correct both on 'my' site and here. [as my name is in all of them....hope this an easy 'fix'] .

Thank you in advance!  
myff admin

You should have no problem with using the lost password routine either on the forum itself or via the control panel.;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

We don't had out passwords.

Thank you !

I ..... missed that, I thought I had went through all the FAQ's and searches.....

Thanks again!

[I'll write it down this time on the side of my PC case.....ok, on paper taped to it.]

Also, the password emailer on my site says that it does not work while the site is off line..... I tried that again to make I didnt miss something....dont work.
I did get the email from the control link you posted - TY! Forum Index -> Running your community
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