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Lost administration details

I am administration but no logged in for ages
I can't remember password and don't have access to the email address they send the password reset to

Any help
myff admin

You can try the control panel as that has a different reset set of data.;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

or you can email admin[@] with what details you can remember to convince us you are the admin.

The link didn't reset it to any email I have
I emailed you the other day with my details but heard nothing back?
myff admin

Can you email again, and add to the thread when you email as I have not seen any email.

Email sent
myff admin

I have reviewed your email, and you have not provided the correct email address, the only information you have given is publicly available.
I do see this is an active forum, the best thing to do would be to reregister and start a thread where member recognise you as the proper admin.
That or we will need some other info, the actual address is a gmail address.

Il email you my address and what I think thy email address was

I need to go on and set up a new section for next season
No one on the forum has the ability to do that except admin
myff admin

Can you also do as suggested and reregister on the forum, the forum members surely know you better than we do!

I have signed up but nobody apart from me has the administration privilege to set up new sub forums and that why I need to get in administration for new sub forum for next season
myff admin

where is the thread saying that people think you are the owner? Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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