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Lost Admin Status

My forum:

I am the owner of the forum^.

I have recently returned to my forum after a long while and I actually thought my forum was shut down. Well, it wasn't and I was happy to see activity returning. I have great plans for the forum but there is just one problem. I made another trusted member an admin a few months ago. She is trustworthy and did help me out when I wasn't there. Well, in February she removed me and made me a Moderator. She said that it was for my inactivity I suppose. I tried to contact her, but I just checked her last login date and it says The 8th of February, so I have lost hope in that. I was hoping you could restore admin status to me (Killman). I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble.  
myff admin

If you are the forum owner then you can use the control panel to gain admin access.;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

This might be my stupidity here but I have looked everywhere on that and do not see anything about reinstating me.  

There is a reset admin password option.

Okay....I see the option to change the password for that page, but I do not see anything about the password for admin access on the forum. Once again, I must apologize.

I have checked as well, and find no place for resetting admin password.  There is the forum CP password change - under the Admin there is only resetting to prosilver and clearing cache - under status it only shows the current status of members/admins.
myff admin

Under the Admin tab, it shows current Admin name and password.

All I am seeing under that is the forum CP password.

This is what shows under the Admin and Password sections for me (and I am guessing for Killman as well)

myff admin

Oh right this is phpbb3?

Since killman was the original admin and has control panel access, I have reinstated.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that.  

Thank you though.  Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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