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loss of Admin capability on our forum

dear MFF staff,

we've lost our only admin member on diecastrescue. have followed the instructions you gave on an earlier post and some of the other forum members have responded. would appreciate if you would allow us to transfer admin to one of the active members after the appropriate thread response is noted

please follow the link below,

regards norri

p.s. i've just been back through some of the threads and it would appear the owner of the site and sole person with admin access Scotty, stopped posting on the site around june 2013
myff admin

I will email the existing owner and we will process this in a week.

many thanks

Hi i am the existing owner and i have not abandoned the forum i have been ill and still am and as far as i was aware the 2 moderators where looking after the forum and this is the first i have heard of and problems i am not prepared to hand the forum over to someone else but i will look into adding an administrator to look after the forum for now.


scotty's back. whatever you did worked. you can consider this issue closed,

many thanks,

regards norri Forum Index -> Running your community
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