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Looking for exchanges with football Clubs or Leagues!


I am lookig for football clubs and/or football leagues to have a very basic link exchange!

The only condition I hold is that any users that register from your link do not spam our forum or website at any time! -- This honest/decent behaviour will obviously be returned.

There is none of this "get x amount of people to join our forum and make so many posts and then we'll return the favour doubled!" -- All I am looking for, is for any forum users/administrators to just put our forum url in their signature so its visible when you post something on your own forum! If you want to add a description, that's your choice but obviously appreciated!

You'll have to let me know details of your forum / website so I can get my signature on my forum changed to include yours!

Really only looking for football related links to begin with to try and boost the forum with footballing people -- eventually will be open to anyone.

Anybody interested? Let me know! Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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