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sorry if this is a stupid problem with an obvious solution, but I can't seem to change my logo...
I've done it many atime before on an old forum so I know it can or could have been done,
but for some reason it's not giving me the option any more.

I'm going through Edit templates/logo, Select image and Set as Default, and have tried pasting the image URL
between >head and head< but now the URL just appears above the default header...

Apologies again,

myff admin

The image url does not go in the header tags.

IN this case the image that needs replacing is:

So you could create an image named logo_phpBB.gif and upload it.
Daddy cool

Seems like I can't change the logo also.

I've reduced the picture I want to upload to 200x91 pixel , renamed the picture to logo_phpBB.gif and doing exactly like you show on your video and still after refresh the forum page, it will not work.

Can someone help me with this ?

Thank you so much
myff admin

As you are using exactly the same name the image will have been cached, and will update at midnight.
Daddy cool

Yes, I copied the name from the image on top of the forum and paste it......

Thank you
Daddy cool

Still not loaded ??? I have a hard time trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong ??? I fallow your video step after step and it still not working....The picture I am using has the same pixel value 200x91, the right name that is saved   logo_phpBB.gif    I really dont know ????

Thanks for looking into this

Daddy cool
myff admin

I have manually cleared cache,  the date was :

Jul  8 05:40 logo_phpBB.gif
Daddy cool


So now, do I need to reload or just wait for midnight tonight ??

Thank you so much Myff for your kind help, very much appreciated      

Daddy Cool
Daddy cool

Done, the new logo is now visible, we can say that this issue is now resolved.

Many thanks for your kind help, Myff      

Well done

Cheers Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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