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Template Name AcidTech

I was wanting to Know if someone, would be nice enough to help me. I am knew to this and I would like to create a forum for an association which is Non- for profit called The Australian Bulldog United Association ( ABUA ) I would like to make the logo picture larger than it is being displayed on the above link. If someone could help me I would appreciate it.


it can be made larger of course, but the larger you make it the more blurred it will be.  What size did you want it to be?

The image actually is larger.. The problem is that it is uploaded to fit the header image, which has a smaller size restriction.

Through FireFox (view image info) I see that the image is 600px 450px (scaled to 117px 88px).

You need to change the size shown in the template image part or in the header.  It's been a long time since I've done that here, but there are guides up.

Yes I would like it to be the same at the original 600x450 You wouldnt be able to tell me how to do it would you? Sorry I have never done thing kind of thing before, So any help would be much appreciated.  
Thanks Kim

Okay, first - where did you put in the logo?  Was it under the images part of the template editor?  If so, then go back there and set the size to 0 for height and width - this will use the default dimensions for the image you have (or use the dimensions I gave above).

If you did manually add it then you'll need to change the code to fit the dimensions, but I think you used the above mentioned way. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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