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Log help for forum


Hi, 1st post so go easy on me.
I start by saying i am a complete dummmy when it come to pc's.  
I really want to add a logo to my forum and i have tried following advice on links from my forum but i am having no luck.
Can anyone please help.
All i want is the Arsenal FC club logo.
Any help will be most appreciated.
myff admin

Cheers mate,
i have tried following the link you very kindly gave to me.
Still having no joy.
Not even sure i can introduce a logo onto my forum.
There isn't one to replace to start with.
Is there any chance someone could give my forum a quick glance just to make sure a new logo will go onto it.
Thanks again.

your logo will need to be called header.gif for you to overwrite what's already there, but if it's a jpg, it will need to be converted first.

or if you've already uploaded under another name, you could look in the overall_header.tpl for the header.gif bit of the logo and change that to the file name you've already uploaded.

Cheers Nick.
I did try going that route, but because the header contains an advertisement....Final.night.....i couldn't swap it over to mine...
I will go back and try again though just to make sure i never missed out on something the 1st time around.
Cheers once again mate..

Done it!!!
Many thanks Nick. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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