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Locked out on broadband but not 3G


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Having to type on iPhone on 3G as can't access here or my site via my broad band or laptop, another mod can't access either. I've been changing templates this morning but can access all my admin & non admin sign INS on iPhone & 3G so can't get why this support forum or mine won't work on my broadband.
myff admin

It does sound like you have broken a template.

Phones will by default tend to use a specific phone template so might work when the template has been broken.

Odd thing is phone won't connect via broadband only 3G, and confused why it is affecting here too
myff admin

Well nothing has changed here. So maybe it is your end and some reboot/cookie issue needs doing.

I've done what I thought was needed (cleared cookies, cache etc) but I think I had a half done template up and from selecting that 1 user got locked out (page won't load) and I stupidly copied what she had done and same for me. I've deleted that template & restored the sub one but no joy & she is same as me in a totally different place but able to access on phone via 3G and not broadband on laptop or phone.

*very confused*

Any thing else I can try?

myff admin

You are not being very clear about what you mean by no access.

I have just logged in to your forum as "editor" with no issues.

Sorry I hate typing on forums on iPhone! When I click on the link for this support site or for my own site whilst connected to broadband the page won't load, it comes up with 'google chrome can't load' or in safari on iPhone 'can't load page as servers not responding'

I can get a caches copy of here and my site but if I try and click through it does above & won't load.

But all loads fine on
Phone with 3G connection, i can access here and my site. Many other users are using my site fine too.

I have revolted router & laptop, cleared cookies & cache. Still very puzzled why here is affected too, I can get o to other myfreeforum sites no bother

Thanks again
myff admin

Try now.

Yes yes yeeeees

Thank you so much!

What did I do wrong to break it?
myff admin

Possibly nothing.

The firewall had blocked you, no one has reported that in a long while, hence I was slow on the uptake, and what you were telling me implied you were seeing something rather that nothing.

If this happens again let me know.

Yeah sorry was in panic mode trying to type on iphone = bad combination  

So the firewall blocked my IP or the site?

Thank you again for the very quick response - amazing service        
myff admin

it blocked the IP.

Could be for a number of reasons, since I cleared the blocks 35 ips have been banned again. Given the system is not badly prone to blocking the innocent, that gives some impression of the pressure spambots and the like put on the servers

We can't win really.


Well as I said last time you again have made lots of very hormonal ladies very happy again! Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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