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Locked out of my own forum by an administrator

Dear forum

I created a phpBB forum some years back.

I and a friend designed the forum layout and I also originally paid for the non-advertising support.

Some members asked if they could take over the management of the forum, so I agreed.

For a number of years, I did not view the forum.

The forum has been in disuse for a while now and, since I created, designed & originally paid the forum, I decided to take it back.

However, the person I allowed to manage the forum has now locked me out of it (since I re-opened it to the public).

Is there a way to confirm this is my forum and for me to take it back?

Thank you
myff admin

You must give the (myfree/myfast/myfine) link/address of your forum. A link should be given to the problem if at all possible. Do this whether you think it is important or not. DO NO GIVE YOUR OWN DOMAIN LINK IT MUST BE THE NAME YOU CREATED HERE.

You can use the control panel rather than the admin panel and gain access:;task=loginforum&Itemid=27 Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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