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im sorry if my question isnt very well put, im new at this and not quite sure how to explain things  

ive followed the instructons for the links menu here
but no joy, is this for phpbb2, if it is how do i do it for phpbb3 please.
I've searched all over but cant find any other how to's for link menus.
myff admin

I think the confusion arises from :


Into cms_index_body.tpl or where ever you wish it to appear

You link to:

that does not have {MYFF.LINKSMENU}

Where as:

generally does, but I think you may have doe some edits to cms_index_body.tpl that is breaking that page a bit.


thats what i mean (i think) it was already in the settings but i just cant get anything, im totally confused!
maybe i should leave well alone for now.

edit..sorry i just saw the second link you posted had a www in the url, now im really confused, ive never used a www.url i didnt know there was one and i didnt know that page existed!  how do i correct it?

im sorry if im muddling everything up.
myff admin

The linksmenu would not really fit your template anyway. You probably need to start with what you actually want to achieve?

what i was wanting to do was set up a seperate area specifically for links but obviously i went about it all wrong  
i didnt realise it wouldnt work with that template, i thought a seperate area with a link from the boards would work fine,

i dont want to play around too much until i am more confident and have a better understanding of everything,but i did want to get some reciprocated links set up to hopefully get more traffic.
myff admin

Getting links into templates is a lot harder than it might sound.

Having a forum where you post links is better. e.g. a "Sticky" topic with links. Forum Index -> Portal components
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