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Link with anyone offering

Your forum must relate with one of the forums or membergroups here

Sorry, but can I ask why? Why would anyone be interested in a forum similar to one they're already part of? I would say link with forums that are different to yours but that's just me  

I would have to agree with LA there... you don't want to be linking with a larger forum and losing members to it, or have nobody visiting your forum (and have no members visit the other forums) because that ruins the point of a link exchange.

As well, you might want to think about getting more members before looking for an exchange.  Some forum owners are ready to link to every forum that asks in hopes of more members... Personally (and I don't think I'm alone) I would rather link with an already successful forum (or one with good potential).

If you are looking to get a successful community, it's very difficult, and you might even consider joining another and bringing your members there.

You can advertise on my forum in the appropriate section, and as has been said, you really need to open your forum up a bit and not create too many rules, in order to get people to join. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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