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Link Exchange

Similar schemes are currently running on this site but i would like to offer the only Picture banner exchange.
You can have your logo displayed on my site linking to your site or a text link or both.
Links will be placed here :
which is a read-only forum to stop spamming.
If you would like me to display your site logo please PM me it or post a link for it in this thread along with any text you want E.G : Best forum ever!

In exchange i want this image :

Linking to : with the link in text underneath the image.
Dial It Up

ill take that bet... ya anywho sure,
you see my banner in my sig just link it to
and i will link your banner in my Sponsers list (scroll down my forum to see it)


I hit you up on this...........

The link to my forum in

and the banner is the blue blue one in my sig.


You can add discriptions about about your forum if you like on your link on my forum - Simply PM me it and i will put it up

456Sm wrote:
I hit you up on this...........

The link to my forum in

and the banner is the blue blue one in my sig.

You must add my banner link to your forum or you link on my forum will be removed

I know, I know, I was about to do that but then I got kicked off the computer by my Mom. I'm doing it right now.

The image does not link back to my site as instructed to do so.
Please sort this out immidaitly, Thank You

My, My, you are picky.

I know more pickiness now...

A person on your forum has asked for a discription so could you put this up as the discription (the stuff in bold):

Jollyjoke Forums - You Daily Dose Of Fun
Up dated daily with all the greatest cartoons, comics, pictures, videos, quotes and of course Jokes!
Plus if you join up you can access our exclusive members only area.
And if over 18 you can view our adult selection of videos, jokes and pictures.
So come along and have fun!

If there is a discription you want with your logo and link i will happily add it

Add my link to your sites people

and u come sign up and tell me your link we can link exchange, we are all over yahoo, google and MSN already so link us and it will help you

I only sign up for special cases, you can add my banner and description.
If you have a banner i will happlily link that to your site

BTASF - Brandon's Talk About Stuff Forums
So much to read, so little time.
We have plenty of places to chat. Talk about politics,
Autos, Entertainment, Theological and Philisopical thoughts,
Operation Iraqi Freedom, School, Jobs, Health, Current Events,
and plenty more.
Post your favorite quotes in the quotes forum. Quote of the Week coming
Take a look at the monthly newsletter while you are at it!

Could that be added as a description?

Yup, done ot for you Forum Index -> Search Engines
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