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Link Exchange

Dial It Up

Add my link to your site and I'll add yours when I see it

Ill be glad to,

Its towards the bottom under the birthday table.

Please post back with a link to where my link will be on your forum.

Can you possibly give me the exact code, I'm having trouble doing it

Mine isn't a image by the way its just a link.

if your using a posting code it would be

[url=]Uncle Andy's Forum[/url]

if your adding it as html it shall be.

<a href="" target="_blank">Uncle Andy's Forum</a>

If you want you can add a little description behind it such as...

A place to express your feelings and talk about random things.


Okay, there

Thanks mate!

Welcome :d

I would be glad to add your Link. I have replied to you on my Forum in "Post your Forum"


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