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Hey guys,

This is a simple enough exchange. You will place this code in your forum footer:

[b][url=]Extra Time[/url][/b]

Then, here's what I will do:

If your forum has over 50,000 posts and 1,000 members, you will get an affiliate image at the bottom of our forum.
If your forum has over 20,000 posts and 300 members, you will get a footer link at the bottom of the forum.
If your forum has under 19,999 posts and 299 members, you will get a free 2 weeks sticky topic listing in our Websites section.

Post here or PM me if you're interested!

You posted your codes in bbcodes, it should be done in html..

<a href="" style="font-weight:bold;">Extra Time</a>

Yes sorry, that's my fault. However I can't edit it now as it's been longer than 20 minutes, but I will point out to people it needs to be HTML.

Thanks for that Dan. :P Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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