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Learn From Other Peoples Mistakes.

Ok, this thread is for people to post up their mistakes when running their forum, bad mod appointments, bad admin decisions, forgetting to back-up templates and suffering concequences, etc...

Bad Mod Appointment

This was back in the early days of my forum, I allready had several moderators, I didn't really need any more as we were easily coping with the forum at the time, but there was a new-ish member who had been posting regularly on the forum, he seemed friendly, so after discussing it with my current mods I decided to offer him mod status.

He accepted so I gave him the permissions, the next day I woke up and logged onto the forum to find hundereds of posts gone, after temperorily demodding all the mods I found out that it was the new guy after the admin here told me to check the logs, then I found out that he was in fact the same member that I had banned around a week or two earlier, he just signed upto the forum with a different name.

The forum was a complete mess, I thought it was basically over, but I eventually decided to try and resurect the forum, I got it sorted out and made it bigger and better than it was.

The forum is pretty much dead now, but that is mainly because the game that it was about went offline, so I couldn't really help it, we tried converting but didn't have any success, I'm pretty happy that I achieved as much success as I did though as I learnt from my mistakes and I looked into all members in more detail before hiring any more staff members.
myff admin

bad mod admin appointments

Over at I got a great first admin, he want a couple of poor choices on board as well Rather than risk killing things at birth by refusing I went along with it. It caused a lot of problems. Of course we got over them and in my defense the chances are that if I had gone into a partnership and my first decision had been to say bog off to my partner.....

The story illustrates that often circumstances do place you between a rock and a hard place. In this case the time was right to launch but when it came to the people to launch with I was the new kid on the block and people were inclined to be a bit suspect of whether I was going to abuse my position of "ownership".

The way to success involved clear giving away of responsibilities to a core of sane and responsible people. This is the reverse procedure to how most forums should be run with a single admin, but then no two forums are the same. Forum Index -> Running your community
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