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KISS Keep it Simple Stupid!

I always try and keep to this principle in software and other development.

How well I succeed is perhaps for others to judge! As we are at the cutting edge of letting people to clever things with forums, inevitably some complexity is there, but I do think things could be a whole lot more complex to use than they are.

The KISS principle comes into play in many areas, for example in search engine optimization there is always some new and complex thing you are meant to do to pages to get the google or other ranking. But I constantly tell people to avoid most of the tricks and concentrate on the simple concept that good content gets a good ranking for all time.

Today I have just read another validation of this principle. In our efforts to make myff as fast as possible when displaying forums we have not only applied our own tweaks, but spent ages reading just about every tip there is on the web for optimizing phpbb2, especially for dealing with large forums.

Some of these tweaks have made it into the system. But one tweak that never made the cut was a complex change to deal with inefficiencies in reverse indexing of threads. There were quite spectacular benchmarks given for how effective it was, but it was rejected all the same as to complicated to be properly maintained and also plain "wrong feeling" as code at the php level should only be going so far in try to deal with issues at the database level.

Reading "High performance mysql - O-Reilly" this morning I get a very strong indication that later versions of mysql have fixed the issue anyway

So those that put the tweak in will have been left with something now actually slower and harder to maintain.

Maintenance of phpbb2 forums is a really bad headache and one of the main reasons why the myff solution is a good one for people. I am as a matter of fact just chatting to the admin of a successful forum about importing his privately maintained forum to myff. He is suffering from spam and needs more anti-spam measures and has neither the time or the programming skills to be able to quickly and safely install them on his forum

It is so much better to be on a system where what you get is both maintained and added to constantly Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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