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myff admin

Kindle fun

Been playing about "jail breaking" a kindle.

At their heart a kindle runs a version of Linux on an Arm chip.

So once with the aid of this very useful forum:

you have established the ability run run a terminal, you have a very powerful device for portable web access  

It has  some major weaknesses.

1) The keyboard is pants, it is missing the normal qwerty top row of number keys.
2) No GUI only a terminal as no one has yet got X running.

But these are not weaknesses that are inherent in the level of technology.
Whilst the world raves about IPads and Android tablets, it is plain you actually could have something like a Kindle that would be half the size, quarter of the weight and have 10x the battery life of the flash tablets. It might not be able to play videos, or "angry birds" but you could do an awful lot more practical work on such a beast.
myff admin

Cross compiled and run my first bit of "c" for a kindle.

Only "hello world" but you have to start somewhere. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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